Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Make a No-cake Birthday Cake

No-cake birthday cake

My son just had a birthday. He's never been a fan of cake or cookies, so every year I try to make some bacon concoction served along with some vanilla ice cream. This year I thought I'd get fancy. Here's a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to make a no-cake birthday cake.

(I got my initial idea here-

Step-by-Step Directions for a No-Cake Birthday Cake

1. Cover a cookie sheet or piece of cardboard with an old plastic tablecloth or a piece of wrapping paper. Just something pretty to cover it.
Cover cookie sheet
I used an old plastic table cloth to wrap a cookie sheet.
2. Arrange three Pringles cans in the middle. You can tape them if you want so they don't slide around.
Add three pringles cans

3. Arrange 10 or so pop cans in a circle around the Pringles cans. The Pringles don't form a perfect circle, so just line the pop cans up as best you can.
Pop cans around pringles
Notice these are pop cans, you guys. Not soda cans, ya'll.
4. Put a ribbon around the pop cans.
Add ribbon
I taped on some leftover ribbon from a Christmas present long ago.
5. Slide some individually wrapped beef sticks strategically around the Pringles. This is no willy-nilly, haphazard operation. It must be strategic.  No pressure.
Add beef sticks
Strategic beef stick placement. Giggity.
6. Cover the lid of a plastic ice cream bucket or another piece of cardboard with the same old plastic tablecloth or wrapping paper you used for the base. Tape it to the top of the Pringles cans.
Add second layer with ice cream lid

Add second layer with ice cream lid
Tape it all together.
7. Place a can of pop on top of that second layer. Surround it with fun sizes of their favorite candy bar. Tie a ribbon around it.
Add candy bars and ribbon

Add candy bars and ribbon

8. Add more candy bars, beef jerky sticks, or small Slim Jim's in all the spare spaces. Again, think strategic placement. You can tell by looking at my picture that I didn't just throw those babies in wherever. Right? Right.
Add extra snacks
Add all the snacky goodness in wherever it fits.
9. Tape a candle to the top of the pop can, and add curly ribbons to make it look fancy.
curly ribbon
Curly ribbon flowing down the sides.
curly ribbon
Candle and curly ribbon taped on top.
And that's it! There's a lot of variations you can try depending on what snacks your birthday kid likes.

For the record, he liked it.
No-cake birthday cake
I didn't tape all the curly ribbon down, so when he blew out the candle, he blew some ribbon across the table. For a minute I thought it was hot candle wax and panicked. Tape down your ribbon, people.

Not so strategically yours,
Mulligan Mama