Thursday, December 18, 2014

TARDIS Baby Costume

Now that it's almost Christmas, I'm finally ready to post about Halloween. Sounds about right for life with a baby!

My kids are major Whovians, so while they are a bit more ambivalent about dressing up for Halloween as they get older, they thought the baby should have a costume worthy of their Doctor Who fandom.

TARDIS Baby Costume
Nerd babies are so cute!
Here's what you need:
  • Blue felt (yardage depends on size of person wearing it)
  • White fabric (muslin, cotton, felt-- whatever you have)
  • Interfacing (optional- to make the white fabric stiffer)
  • Fabric markers (I had Crayola 10-Pack Fabric Markers on hand)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and/or sewing supplies
Steps to making a simple TARDIS Costume:

1. Start with a rectangle of blue felt.
Measure the length you want the finished TARDIS to be and double it, since you will fold it over, so there will be length in the front and the back. As usual, I just eyeballed it. I lay the blue felt next to my baby on the floor, trimmed it to a width that wouldn't be too huge on him.

2. Fold the felt over, and cut out a hole for the head on the fold. Think of it like a blue felt poncho that goes over the head. It's easy to cut too big of a hole for the head. (No worries; it's possible to fix.)

3. Stitch up the sides, leaving room for arm holes. If, like me, you cut too big of a hole for the head, cut along the fold on the shoulder seams, and take some of the fabric in. Then stitch back up along the shoulders.
TARDIS Baby Costume
The blue felt, folded over, head hole cut out, stitched up on the sides, leaving holes for arms.
4. If you have interfacing, you can iron that on to your muslin or cotton to make the fabric for the windows and signage stiffer. Otherwise, use white felt.

5. Cut out windows and signage, and color/write on them with a black fabric marker. I made a thin white rectangle to say "Police Public Call Box" (using a black marker to outline the letters then fill it all in), a white square to write a condensed version of the sign on the door, and two white squares for windows.

6. Hot glue the windows and signage to the blue shell. 

7. Finish off the lines for the door with a black fabric marker. I drew lines up the front to show where the doors open, and three black squares to mimic the rest of the door.

Let the nerdy cuteness begin!
TARDIS Baby Costume
Time Lord in training. 
~Mulligan Mama

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