Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bleach Shirt Revamp - T-shirt to Tank Top

In addition to do-overs, I'm a fan of revamping old projects into new projects and reusing materials. Sometimes the old projects aren't that old.  Case in point- I decided to revamp the Bleach Spray Shirt I made for my son into a tank top for my daughter. Mainly because the shirt was a bit too small for my son and also because I wasn't super happy with the explosion of bleach all over the front and sleeves. Revamping it into a tank top took care of both of those problems! (Check out the original post for directions on making the stencil and bleaching the pattern.)
Bleach Spray Shirt
Before- Front of the T-shirt
Bleach Spray Shirt
Before- Back of the T-shirt
I followed the tutorial on CrafterHours to transform the T-shirt into a tank top. The directions are easy to follow, so click the link for detailed instructions. It requires just a few cuts of the fabric and very minimal sewing. My kind of project.

I think it turned out pretty well! My Whovian daughter is very pleased with it. Of course, now I need to make my son a new shirt!

Doctor Who Tank Top
After- Fashionable Doctor Who tank top!
And... I entered it in our county fair for the Fabric Art category and received a blue ribbon! Score!
Doctor Who Tank Top
Blue ribbon! 
~Mulligan Mama

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