Monday, January 20, 2014

I Call Mulligan!

When I was first getting to know my now-husband, he introduced me to the term "mulligan."  I had never heard the word before, but since I'm a terrible golfer, it seems like one I should have known.  It means to get a do-over stroke or another chance to hit the golf ball without being penalized.  But my then-friend, now-husband used the term in a different context.  He said I deserved to "call a mulligan" in life.

I was definitely at a place to need a mulligan in life. I was a recently divorced, single mom, going back to school for the third time to start a new career that could support my children and me. I felt like a failure and an object of scorn and pity. I thought I would never have another chance at happiness. I had blown the one chance I got, and it was pretty much all over, or so it seemed. The idea that I could just scream "I call mulligan!" at the universe and get a second chance at life and love seemed incredibly appealing but very hard to believe.

But I eventually took that idea to heart. Whether it be in life, love, relationships, or in something as simple as learning a new skill or taking on a new role or project, we imperfect humans should be able to make mistakes and have second chances without feeling like utter failures. Of course, this isn't a free license to bulldoze over everyone and everything around us with impunity. But it does mean that do-overs are a normal part of life.

Now I'm married to the wonderful man who first suggested I deserved a do-over. We are expecting our first child together, so while I continue to parent my older two children, I will soon be doing the "new Mom" thing all over again for the first time in a decade.

I also realized that I was calling mulligan in many areas of my life already.  I reuse as much as possible instead of throwing things away. I repurpose items for new uses around my home. I dress up left over food. I attempt DIY projects, make lots of mistakes, learn from them, and try again. They are far from perfect, but that doesn't make them one "oops" away from the garbage. It's a great way to save money, waste less, and make something new and beautiful.

This blog is a way to chronicle some of my do-overs, mistakes, and learning opportunities as I forge ahead in my new roles.  Hopefully you can learn some things right along with me.

Don't be afraid to call mulligan!

~The Mulligan Mama

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